About Our Doctor.

Our Doctor is an experienced and Board certified psychiatrist who specializes in child and adolescent behavior. She has over 10 years medical experience in private practice providing both medication management and psychotherapy for children with a wide range of mood disorders, anxiety and psychotic disorders in addition to the following;

  • Individual child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Individual child and adolescent therapeutic programs
  • Medication management
  • Community support services
  • Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Suicide Prevention and Suicide Risk Assessment,
  • Multicultural Counselling Interventions
  • Anger/ Violence Evaluations.

Dr. Shelly Yusuff mandate is to strive to provide immediate assistance for individuals and families in need. Her goal is to be dedicated to changing the lives of children and families by providing positive emotional medical support and individualized care programs.

Dr. Yusuff currently manages a successful CARF Accredited Community Based Service Program. This program entails both in home therapeutic counseling and in-clinic medication management. Program has multi-skills staff where Dr. screens, interview, and hire to meet the needs of patients.


She is a member of the American Psychiatric Association and The Georgia Psychiatrist Association. Dr.Yusuff graduated from the University of Chicago after which she completed her fellowship in Child Psychiatry at Turf’s University School of Medicine and New England Medical Hospital in Boston Massachusetts.